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Temporary Crowd Control Fencing - Crowd Control Barricades and Police Anti Riot Railings

Crowd Control Fencing is a portable flexible fencing barrier to withstand the pressure that people may perform in conditions such as demonstrations, disturbances, football games and parades.


Police Antiriot Security Railing

Mobile antiriot security railings manufactured from hard steel tubes are suitable for blocking people in areas that police undertake operations.

Material: High quality hard steel

Shall be carried from a single person and assembled easily


In general the security railing shall be of excellent quality and have an ergonomic construction

For the frame shall be used steel tubes having ¾” diameter and of 2mm wall thickness, where for the vertical supports inside the frame shall be used steel tubes of ½” having wall thickness of 2mm

All ends of the separators shall be rounded

Shall not have any projections or other pointed ends that may cause injures to the public

All connections / welding points shall be specially treaded as to be free from any burs (with an abrasive wheel)

All surfaces shall be smooth

Upon the security railing is constructed and welded shall be fully in hot galvanized (including the connection system) – hot galvanize bath

By the to part of the two sides the security railing shall have vertically the word “POLICE” in blue colour



Each security railing shall be connected between them in line, with a system of male – female connectors placed on at least two positions of each side.
Additionally to be effecting the connection of two pieces in a “T” shape, where the one piece is used as a base support on the ground and the other shall be connected on the base vertically, so the people would be used as a stabilization way of the railing.
This combination shall allow the security railing to have a high resistance.
In such a case all pieces shall be capable to be used either or bases or vertical parts

Construction drawing is enclosed


Height: 115-125cm

Width: 115-125cm


The security railing shall have a silver colour as this would be provided after the hot deep galvanization

Warrantee: One year






Crowd Control Barricades

Crowd Control Temporary Fence Panels

Tubular fence with all the accessorise
Finish: Galvanized or pvc coated.

Color painted crowd control barrier with feet:

Hot Dipped Galvanized: