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Aluminum, Wrought Iron, Powder Coated Steel Ornamental Fencing for Decoration and Protection

Steel ornamental fencing is a type of steel fencing designed with decorative pattern and other embellishments. The structure typically consists of metal pickets or panels, gates, posts and other accessories. Various designs and sizes can be custom made according to drawings or photos.

Steel ornamental fencing is typically made from aluminum, wrought iron and steel. The material choice for the fencing depend on the environment and the level of security needed. Aluminum ornamental fence is lightweight and strong, wrought iron fence offers excellent decorative style for classical residences, black powder coated steel ornamental fence is the most commonly used due to its economic cost, good durability and protection against rust.

Ornamental fencing can be steel pickets with decorative top designs.

Ornamental fencing panels can be 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot in height, and 6 foot or 8 foot in length, depending on requirements.

Tubular decorative steel fence for pool safety

Ornamental steel fencing can be installed by posts buried into the ground or mounted to the wall. The posts can be installed in a variety of ways including using concrete, anchors, or other fasteners.
The selection of Steel Ornamental Fencing is based on several parameters such as durability, strength, corrosion resistance, visual appeal, security level, budget, and ease of installation.
To install Steel Ornamental Fencing, the first step is to determine the layout and measurements of the fence, then calculate the number of posts required by using a post-spacing guide. The posts can then be installed, followed by attaching the top and bottom rails. Lastly, the pickets are attached to the rails horizontally.

The ornamental fence below is installed above the concrete wall:

Surface Finishing
PVC or vinyl coating is also popular way to create a decorative finish while protect the steel material from the corrosion. Powder coating colors vary to meet the decorative effect needed.

Popular styles

The most popular and fashionable styles of steel ornamental fencing include picket fences, wrought iron fences and powder coated steel fence. The colors of the plastic coating range from black to bronze. Decorative parts can used at top rails, in middle posts and at bottom rails.