Field Fence

Field fences has stronger fabrics compared with common welded fence and can be installed quickly with fewer fence posts. The fixed knots structure brings reduced cost and less maintenance compared with other wire fences.
Common styles applied for field fence production include hinge joint and fixed knot. Fixed knot steel fence is the popular type used as field fencing to protect cattle, deer, horse, cow, sheep and goats, and also used as grassland fence and farm fencing.
Fixed Knot Fence  is made with high tensile carbon steel wire. Fixed Knot Field fence has the features of Stronger, Less cost; Long life and Faster installation.

Materials: Mild steel carbon wire, zinc coated.

Field Fencing is available in heavy coated galvanized for long life. This galvanized high tensile carbon steel fence is available with a green finish or other treatment.

Perimeter Type Field Fences for Farm and Pastures Perimeters: Surrounding type metal field fences is made by hot-dipped galvanized wire woven together, the tensile strength of crimped wire can be 1000 Newton and the weft wire tensile strength can exceed 500 Newton .

High Tensile Field Fence Offers Many Advantages Over Welded Wire Mesh Fences:
This kind of field fence enjoys innovative design, firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening, good flexibility and long service life. Even the cut parts will not loosen or deformed. Its excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property exceed common steel wire mesh. Our metal fence is forever firm once installed, the users need not worry about the breaking of welding spots by using of welding wire mesh.

Galvanized Steel Field Fence Details and Zinc Coating Standards:
A 14 Gauge High Tensile Field Fence with its 12.5 gauge top and bottom wires is as strong as a 12.5 gauge low carbon fence. And a 12.5 gauge High Tensile Field Fence with 10.5 gauge top and bottom wires is stronger than 11g and equivalent to 9g low carbon field fence. Both of these options are less expensive than using low carbon field fence.

High Tensile Field Fence is available in Class 3 (heavy coat) galvanized for long life. You can also get High Tensile Field Fence with ZA + Paint advanced coating. This field fence is available with a green finish and will last four to six times longer than a standard Class 1 Galvanized fence and enhance the appearance of your property as well.

All High Tensile Field Fence products meet or exceed ASTM A 116-05 for product standards, as well as, ASTM A 641-03 for zinc coating standards.

Field Fence Fixed Knot Heavy Galvanized Field Fencing
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