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STEEL FENCING for property and garden borders, security fences, pool enclosures, and various perimeters.

Our steel fencing typically comes in tube fences and wire fences, available in a variety of styles, from traditional wrought iron fences to modern designs.

PuSheng steel mesh fencing and steel bar / tube fence panels mainly include: ornamental steel fence, welded steel mesh, chain link steel fence, anti-cut steel fencing, high security chain link fence and weld fence with concertina razor wire.

Steel fencing supplies a physical barrier difficult for intruders to get in, and can also be aesthetically pleasing. Some types of steel fencing include powder-coated steel, galvanized steel picket fences, wrought iron fences, and ornamental steel fences. Steel fences are strong and durable, and they can last for many years with proper maintenance. They can also be customized.

We supply fence panels, gates and fencing accessories, including posts, post spikes, razor spikes, staples and etc.

Classification and use
1. Aluminum Mesh Fence: Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum material, this fence is perfect for pool and perimeter security.
2. Perforated Metal Fence: This type of fencing has small holes that provide excellent visibility while still providing privacy and security.
3. Galvanized Wire Mesh Fence: Rust and corrosion resistant, this fence is available in many different configurations and is perfect for outdoor and industrial applications.
4. Steel Fence Panels and Gates: Heavy duty steel construction makes this a sturdy option for any application, from perimeter protection to decorative borders.
5. Chain Link Fence: Vinyl Coated,  GALVANIZED + Green PVC, HDG, Aluminized steel finish, providing a secure boundary, vinyl coated chainlink fencing available in many different colors and designs.
6. Wrought Iron Fence: An elegant and classic look, wrought iron fencing is perfect for both residential and commercial properties.
7. Barbed Wire Fence: An effective way to keep intruders out, barbed wire fencing can be used to create a secure perimeter.
8. Woven Wire Fence: Strong, durable and versatile, this fencing is available in a variety of sizes and designs.
9. Razor Wire Fence: A high-security fencing solution, razor wire offers the perfect blend of security and aesthetics.
10. Palisade Fence: Made up of vertical steel panels, this type of fencing is a great choice for high security areas. Constructed with vertical posts, steel palisade fencing is often used in public spaces such as parks and schoolyards.
11. High Security Steel Fence: Featuring anti-climb spikes and electroplated construction, this type of fencing is commonly used in military and government installations.
12. Steel Picket Fence: Classic and traditional, steel picket fencing is a popular choice for residential properties.
13. Decorative Metal Fence: Available in a wide range of styles and colors, decorative metal fencing can add an attractive element to any property. Ornate and beautiful, decorative wrought iron fencing can make any property more inviting.
14. Welded Mesh Garden Fence: This type of fencing provides a unique look, while offering excellent security and durability.
15. Tubular Steel Fencing: Tubular steel fencing is a great choice for creating a secure boundary without sacrificing aesthetics.
16. Cattle Panel Fence: Ideal for keeping cattle in and predators out, cattle panel fencing is both versatile and long-lasting.
18. Expanded Metal Fence: Lightweight and easy to install, expanded metal fencing is an affordable alternative to regular fencing.
19. Hog Wire Fence: Constructed with heavy-duty wire mesh, hog wire fencing is perfect for safely containing livestock.
20. Security Fence: Steel fence, wire fence, expanded mesh fence and security fence tops for perimeter security and secure.
21. Anti Climbing High Security Fence: Welded Steel 358 Mesh Fence for Prison and Safety Guarding typically constructed with heavy-duty wire materials and reinforced with anti-climb features. This type of wire fencing is designed to provide maximum security and visibility.
22.Trellis Fence: An attractive and lightweight option, trellis fencing is perfect for residential gardens and outdoor patios.
23. Powder coated fence: Steel fencing with anti corrison powder coating for residential and commercial uses.
24. Temporary fencing barrier: Portable fences for mobile traffic control, construction sites and police control.
25. Swimming pool fence: Safety fence for outdoor pool enclosure.
26. Field fence for livestock ( horses, Cattle, goats) and Deer control and Wildlife control, available in Square knot, V-mesh, Hinge joint, Fixed knot styles.
27. High security level concertina wire: For fence tops of steel fence panels and gates.