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Woven wire fence is a type of mesh fencing made of galvanized steel wires that are woven together. This type of fence offers a high degree of strength, security, and durability while also providing a level of flexibility. Compared to steel tubular fencing, woven steel wire fence typically requires less maintenance and allows for more visibility and air circulation while still providing a strong barrier. Furthermore, woven wire fence is more affordable than most steel fencing options. Woven wire fence can be produced in large mesh sheets and cut to size panels, making it easy to install and customize for your specific needs.

Woven Wire Fence according to its use

1. Livestock Fencing - Commonly used for defining boundaries in pastures, containing livestock, and even protecting garden areas from wildlife. The fencing can be installed in hilly or flat terrain and offer superior animal control barriers. Livestock fencing is often used for cattle, sheep, goats, and horses farms. Woven wire fencing is often used with a special design for this purpose due to its strength and durability to provide a safe and secure environment for animals.

2. Sports Field Fence - Diamond opening woven fences are one of the most popular fencing for various playground, schools, tennis, basketball and various sports enclosures.

3. Gate Fences - Gate fences are often used to secure a property while providing access to visitors. The use of woven wire in gate fences ensures that visitors have limited access to the area, while still allowing controlled access through the use of gates.

4. Security Fence - Security fences are designed with the purpose of keeping intruders out and providing a physical barrier to protect people and property. Woven wire security fences are popularly designed with barbed or razor wire tops for this purpose.

5. Chicken and Poultry Fence - Woven wire fences are popularly used in chicken, rabbit and poultry fencing, galvanized mesh or plastic coated mesh is used.

6. Bird Netting - Woven wire designed to prevent birds from accessing certain areas. It is a versatile and effective solution, and can be installed in a variety of applications such as above greenhouses, vineyards, and more.

7. Game Fencing - Game fencing is designed to keep animals such as deer and other large game animals out of areas where damage could occur. It is typically made of woven wire providing a secure barrier against animals.

Installation for woven wire fencing
Woven wire fencing is typically made of galvanized or vinyl-coated steel wire fixed between steel posts. The height of the fence depends on the application and local regulations but typically ranges from 4-6 feet. The spacing between posts is usually determined by the size of the area the fence will enclose and the strength desired for the overall fence structure.

There are two common methods of installation for woven wire fencing: post-in and line post. With post-in installation, wooden or steel posts are set into the ground in straight lines and then the fence is attached to the posts. In line post installation, the posts are spaced at regular intervals and the fence is attached directly to the posts using staples, bolts, or clips.

Post-and-rail systems are more affordable and easier to install but not as strong or secure as panel systems. Panel systems typically involve concrete for an even stronger installation.

The common sizes used for woven wire fence range from three to twelve feet in height. When selecting the appropriate size of woven wire fence, the customer must take into account the intended use of the fence as well as the size of the area to be fenced in.

Correct type of posts and hardware is used, the tension of the wires shall be regularly to prevent damage. Additionally, factors like soil conditions and impacts on the environment should be taken into consideration before installation.

Maintenance for woven wire fence is relatively simple. It should be checked periodically to make sure the posts are still stable, and the wire should be tightened or adjusted as needed. With proper care and maintenance, a good quality woven wire fence can provide years of reliable service.

Surface treatments
Woven wire fence can come in many different surface treatments and colors. The most popular are galvanized and vinyl coatings, which are both highly resistant to corrosion and aging. Coating styles include powder-coated black, green, or brown. Material options include galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, which adds a polished appearance with excellent durability.