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Perimeter Security Fencing Manufacturer and Supplier - with razor wire, slat, sensor cables

PuSheng offers a wide range of Security fence styles and accept customisation in different sizes and requirements. Security fence is a type of fencing designed to provide security and safety barrier for various perimeters and sites. It is mainly used around industrial sites, commercial buildings, and high-security demanding areas where traditional steel fences can not provide enough security.

What kinds of materials are used in producing Security Fence?
Security steel fencing typically consists of galvanized steel, polyester coated steel, or stainless steel. To increase the level of security needed, additional components such as barbed wire, razor wire flatwrap, spikes, slat panels may be used.

Classification and use

Security fences are usually made of chain link, barbed wire, welded wire, or electric fencing, depending on the required level of security. Compared to common steel fencing, security fencing offers increased safety and security and enhanced visibility.

Tubing Security Fence – used for roadway traffic for protection of vehicles and pedestrians;
Chain Link Security Fence – used with concertina barbed wire for anti climbing enclosures for power stations and other facilities;
PVC / Vinyl Coated Steel Fence – often used for residential applications, with a variety of colors and styles;
Expanded Steel Fence – made of durable expanded metal panels, rust resistant with galvanized and powder coated finishes, for highway and express way safety;
Temporary Fence – commonly used for construction sites or emergent events security and protection;
Electric Fence – designed to frighten and shock deterrent with varying levels of intensity for perimeter security;
Weld Mesh Fence – made of heavy welded wire with narrow opening for maximum security, can be used with razor wire to suit high level security even for prison;
Palisade Fence – designed to provide protection with sharp pointed tops, with vertical pales in varying heights and spacings, galvanized and powder coated for extra protection.


Wire Mesh and Posts for Security Fencing

Security mesh fence are typically constructed from heavy-duty wire mesh with a galvanized finish for maximum durability and strength. The fence can withstand winds of up to 160 mph. The standard size for most security steel fences is 8' high and 6' wide, although custom sizes are available. The metal posts for security fences are heavy duty, designed to withstand the fencing strength.

There are several forms of installation available for security steel fences, including post-to-post, free-standing, concrete-mounted, and wall-mounted. Security fences are typically installed using concrete footings for the posts securing the fence panels, often installed with barbed wire or razor wire ribbons along the fence topping. The height of the fence is determined by the desired amount of security and border heights, and the spacing between the posts is usually calculated by the measurements of the area to be enclosed. Parameters to consider when choosing the right security steel fence include the type of material used, the fencing height, the fencing width, the spacing between the poles and posts, the thickness of the railing, the level of security desired, the type and design of the gates, the color, and the maintenance and service life. All installations require professional installation to ensure durability and safety.

Surface treatment and coating
Types of surface treatment for security steel fences include galvanization, powder-coating electrostatic spraying, and stainless steel. Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc is applied to the metal in order to prevent rust and corrosion. Powder coating is a term used to describe a process in which protective materials are applied to the metal in order to form a barrier to protect against weather conditions and damage from extreme temperatures. Electrostatic spraying is a process in which a substance is sprayed onto the metal surface to create an even layer of protection. Stainless steel does not corrode or rust easily and provides a high level of strength and durability. The available colors for plastic coating range from black, brown, green, blue, grey, and white.

Popular styles
Popular styles of security fence include tubular panels, expanded metal fencing, steel fence with slats, metal mesh panels with barbed wires, razor spike topped steel fencing. Popular colours and finishes include black powder-coated, galvanized steel, green vinyl-coated, grey vinyl-coated, bronze vinyl-coated, and more.


Steel pickets with concertina wire coils and slats, for extreme security and privacy


Pressed spear steel fencing black coated for private lands

Vinyl coated pipe guard rails in white and green for road ways safety

2.4 meters H x Std length Perimeter Security Fence, galvanized with barbed wire, razor wire toppings as per request used for Farms, Pastures, Ranches.

Expanded diamond mesh panels for perimeter security

PVC Coated Diamond Expanded mesh, flat mesh panels for field, barb wire and razor wire toppings can be added, low maintenance with a variety of colors and styles.
For Tubular poles in between fence, Phil Standard on footings:
The typical concrete footing reinforced with rabar, for fence, details 3D Model


Perimeter security fence system with Alarm Receiving Center, used for protecting the perimeter and internal facilities of warehouses and important sites

This kind of high level security fence consisting of a sensor cable which is attached to security fence.

This kind of fence offers a reliable and cost effective security system that provides true perimeter detection by detecting the intruder before they enter your property via using Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with the fences combination.

High Security Fencing solutions

Barbed wire fence;
Razor wire fence;
358 security mesh panels.