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Pusheng is a professional manufacturer of wrought iron fences / railings for outdoor garden fencing uses. Wrought iron also known as forged iron, can be made into a variety of decorative styles. The surface coating can be black, antique bronze gold, antique bronze silver, copper, ivory white, etc. Wrought iron fences and railings offer a unique antique feeling and are popularly used in the American and European residences and designs.

Forged/ Wrought Iron Railings are used also for Interior Decoration, such as Handrails, stair railings, furniture decoration, etc. Wrought iron railings for exterior fencing uses are made with powder coated surface and elegance appearance, suitable for long time outdoor uses. The classic style fence design offers excellent durability and security.

Colors Options: Black, mat gloss black, antique bronze gold, antique bronze silver, antique copper, antique silver, ivory white, black-green or any color that you prefer.
Anti-rust Treatments: Antirust oil, anti-rusting paint.

1.Wrought iron fences and railings are made with traditional and decorative European art design and with strong structures. The size of tubing and ornamental parts can be custom made.
2.Excellent climate resistance.
3.Erosion resistance.
4.Wrought iron fences have tough paint coating with powerful adhesive ability.
5.The ornamental wrought iron component is flexible and convenient for installation.

Black coated wrought iron fence with gates is a type of fence that is usually used in residential and commercial areas. The main difference between this fence and other steel fences is the material used. Wrought iron material is adaptable for various decorative designs, offering a more classic look compared with common steel fencing. Black coating on wrought iron adds extra protection from weather conditions and rust.

Wrought Iron Handrails for Stairs, Residence Ornament Components
Wrought iron handrails for stairs, residence ornament components, are both a functional and decorative component used to provide support and stability for stairs. When choosing the materials for wrought iron handrails, there are a few essential parameters to consider including the weight, material, and finish. Hand rails can be finished with a matte or glossy paint, or a zinc-coating.

Installing Handrails: The first step for installing the wrought iron handrails is to measure the length and angle of the stairs. This measurement will help to determine the angle and length of the railing and the size of the pieces required. Once the measurements have been taken, the material needs to be cut to the appropriate lengths. The next step is to fit each piece of the railing onto the stairs. This step requires a strong handrail bracket that is secured onto a wall or stair tread. Then the railing pieces will be attached to the brackets using bolts and washers which should be tightened thoroughly to ensure the rails are securely in place.The final step for attaching wrought iron handrails is to finish them with a protective coating for railings that are not coated previously.

The exterior wrought iron fences are supplied with fittings and parts:
1.Stamped spears & studs, steel balls;
2. Forged pickets;
3. Flower panels and balusters;
4. Scrolls, rosettes, & rings;
5. Leaves and flowers design;
6. Gate accessories, like hinges, wheels etc.
7. Cast steel & cast iron decoration;
8. Wrought iron steel bars;
9. Finished products like wrought iron gates, fence panels, finished projects. 

Classification and use
1. Swinging gate fence – This wrought iron fence is designed to open and close like a swinging gate and provides the aesthetic appeal of a traditional decorative fence.
2. Spear top fence – This wrought iron fence is designed with pointed metal spears / pickets at the top for extra security and protection.
3. Swimming pool fence – This style of wrought iron fence has an elegant and classic look while providing safety barrier for the pool.
4. Balcony railing fence – This fence is often used on balconies or walkways and can provide a decorative touch to any outdoor space.

Common and popular styles

Wrought Iron Tubular Fencing - Black Coated Steel Fencing for architect, pool and residential fencing

Black Wroght Iron Bar fencing Panels
Flat bars, size from 10x3 mm up to 150x50 mm
Square bars, size from 7x7 mm up to 60x60 mm
Round bars, size from 8 mm up to 80 mm
Equal angle bars, size from 20x20x2.2 mm up to 50x50x6 mm
Length: 5.80 to 6 m

Single Sliding Steel Gate Electrically operated
Cantilever Design Wrought Iron High Security Gate, Fully Pre-assembled.
All accessories supplied.
Security single gate size: 2.6 x 8m Length 

Double Leaf Swing Steel gate electrically operated
All accessories supplied.
Double leaf security gate size: 2.6m height, length can be customized.