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Aluminum chain link fence fabric is a type of mesh fencing woven with aluminum coated steel wires in a diamond pattern, technically this fence is called Aluminized Steel Chain Link Fence or Aluminum Coated Chain Link Fence. It is incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for outdoor fencing, ideal for areas with high humidity or near salt water. It is used for a variety of fencing applications, including residential areas, industrial sites, parks, and playgrounds.

How is Aluminum Coated Steel Chain Link Fence Mesh produced?

Aluminized steel chain link fence is not made of aluminum wire, it is a kind of aluminum powder coated steel wire fence.

The base metal for making aluminized chain link mesh  is high quality medium-carbon aluminum coated wire. The wire is coated with aluminum to produce a smooth and uniform coating. The weight of aluminum coating, wire sizes with allowable variances, and wire breaking strength, conform to ASTM A 817 for the wire size specified. Wires for chain link fence is usually galvanized, then covered with an aluminum coating which offers extra protection against corrosion and rusting.

The coating is produced by passing the cleaned wire through a melting bath of aluminum metal.

The wire aluminum coated is then woven with chain link fence machine. 

Aluminum coated chain link fence is supplied meeting these Standards:
ASTM A 491 Aluminum-Coated Steel Chain Link Fence.
ASTM F567 Installation of Chain Mesh Fencing.
ASTM A 817 Metallic-Coated Wire for use in Chain-Link Fence Federal specification. RR-F- 191 K/1 D Type II, Fencing, Wire and Post Metal (Chain-Link Fence Fabric) American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials M-181 Chain Link Mesh, Type II.

Fencing Wire Materials: Aluminum Powder Coated Steel Wire

We use high quality wire materials for producing high quality fences:

Nominal Wire Diameter Allowable Variance Aluminum Coating 
Weight, minimum
Breaking Strength minimum
Gauge inch Mm inch mm oz/ft2 g/m2 lbf Newtons
6 0.192 4.88 +0.005 +0.13 0.40 122 2,170 9,650
9 0.148 3.76 + 0.005 +0.13 0.40 122 1,290 5,740
10 0.135 3.43 + 0.005 +0.13 0.40 122 1,290 5,740
11 0.120 3.05 + 0.005 +0.13 0.35 107 850 3,780


Why Aluminium Coated instead of Zinc Coated Finish?
The primary benefit of aluminized steel chain link mesh fence over regular galvanized fence is that it is much more resistant to corrosion and can often last much longer. It is also more durable and can be used in harsher environments. Another advantage is that the coating offers better UV protection, which can help protect the fencing from fading due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Selvage Finishes for Aluminum Coated Steel Fences:
Knuckling type of selvage: obtained by interlocking adjacent pairs of wire ends and then bending the wire ends back into a closed loop. Usually knuckle is standard unless otherwise stated.
Twisting - This type of selvage is obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends together in a closed helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to three full twists, and cuffing the wire ends at a sharp angle to provide sharp points. The wire ends beyond the twist shall be at least 1/4 inch (6.4mm) long.


Anti Climbing Fence Tops

Aluminized Chain Link Mesh Fabric is supplied with Knuckle Ends or Barbed Wire Tops

(Mesh x Gauge x Height) Ends
2" x 9 x 36" KxK
2" x 9 x 42" KxK
2" x 9 x 48" KxK
2" x 9 x 60" KxK
2" x 9 x 72" KxB
2" x 9 x 84" KxB
2" x 9 x 96" KxB
2" x 9 x 120" KxB
2" x 9 x 144" KxB

Note: K refers to knuckle, B refers to barbed wire.


Features of Aluminum Coated steel chain link fence:

Aluminized chain link fence has the features of resistance to moisture, corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to sudden temperature changes and high durability.

1. Heavier and more thorough coating with no flaking and bare trim ends.
2. Additional protective coating to prevent rust.
3. All components of fence systems are zinc coated.
4. Consistently meets ASTM specifications.
5. Corrosion resistance, Lightness and Long life time.
6. High tensile and easy installation.

Basic Specifications:
The specifications of aluminum chain link fencing depend on Customer requirement and may vary slightly, typically include: fencing sizes of 36" to 72"; height options from 3' to 12'; post widths from 1-3/8" to 2"; gauge of steel ranging from 11.5 to 13.5 gauge; and mesh size from 2" to 6".
Diameter Wire: 3mm , 4 mm , 5mm
Aperture: 3 x 3 , 4 x 4 , 5 x 5
Panel Width: 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 5m.
Package: 20m/roll, 25m/roll, 30m/roll, 50m/roll, 100m/roll, or 35kg/roll, 50kg/roll.


Customized specifications

1)Aluminum Zinc Steel Fence
Material:aluminum/galvanized+power coated
Height: 1.8m, Width: 2.4m
Horizontal tube: 25*25*1.2mm--3 pieces
Standpipe: 16*16*1.0mm--18 pieces
Post: 3m*50*50*1.5mm
Weight:10.5KG /set 40HQ loading: 290sets

2)Aluminum or aluminized chain link fence. Gauge 9. 2 inches squares for the mesh. 8 feet tall.

3)5 feet x 30 feet roll of aluminized chain link fence 9 gauge 2 inch mesh.


Aluminized fence for Saudi Arabia

Supply of Cyclone rated, Aluminium coated type fencing for 4 sites
Site 1: 280m of 1800mm chainlink, 2x vehicle gates, posts spacing Max 3m, 5 corners x bracing in both directions
Site 2: 370m of 1800mm chainlink, 2x vehicle gates, posts spacing Max 3m, 4 corners x bracing in both directions
Site 3: 547m of 1800mm chainlink, 1x vehicle gates, posts spacing Max 3m, 9 corners x bracing in both directions
Site 4: 489m of 1800mm chainlink, 2x vehicle gates, posts spacing Max 3m, 5 corners x bracing in both directions
Wire ties and other materials.
The drawing below shows general fence design:


Gate for aluminum coated fence system:

3.5'x5' aluminum coated metal fence gates


Aluminum powder coated chain link fence with aluminized steel barbed wire tops for power plant security fencing

Composed with Chain link fence, barbed wire, staining wrie, posts and other accessories.
Standard 50 mesh 10 gauge wire Aluminum powder coated chain link Mesh
Fence size: 3M high x 2600M L.
Wire: 3.1 - 3.24mm diameter.
Coating material: Aluminum alloy Al Mg 2.5 or equivalent.
Strands of Aluminized Barded Wire (2.2mm diameter).
Strands of 3.25 mm straining wire (4.0 - 5.5mm diameter).
25 x 4 mm galvanized steel metal beading.
65mm x 65mm x 6mm galvanized steel angle.
Barbed wire: 2.5mm diameter. Barbed wire spring (for making wire barbs) : 2.2mm diameter.
Line tension wire (straight wire): 4.0 - 5.5mm diameter.

Specification of the wire materials:

Materials Straight barbed wire Barbed wire spring Line wire Chain wire
Nominal diameter 2.5 2.2 4.0 to 5.5 3.1
Measured mean diameter 2.5 2.20 3.98 3.09
Sectional area 4.91 3.8 12.44 7.5
0.2% proof load 56 115 376 197
0.2% proof stress 11.4 30.3 30.2 26.3
Maximum load 106 127 440 236.5
Tensile strength 21.6 33.4 35.4 31.5
Elongation on gauge length 50 8 6 13 8