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Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Palisade Fencing, PVC Coated,Vinyl Coated,"D" and "W" section, Triple pointed.

Steel palisade fencing is a type of strong metal fencing composed of vertical steel tubes / bars with pointed tops to form a barrier for boundaries and security systems. The main difference between steel palisade fencing and other forms of traditional steel fencing lies in its construction. Unlike traditional fencing, which is built of rails and posts, steel palisade fencing is made with vertical pales rather than horizontal slats. The Triple Points pale design of steel palisade provides a much greater degree of security and protection against intruders and potential break-ins. The palisade fencing is highly customizable, in height, width, color, and design of the top profiles. It is also relatively easy to maintain, and its durability makes it an ideal choice for outdoor areas.

Popular Styles

We supply 2.1m and 2.4m high palisade fence of trident pale with square pipe post, polycap and panels and post bolted with round head safety bolts and nuts,fence line with gates:

  • 2.4 height Steel Paliside Fencing, Hot Dipped Galvanised then Powder Coated.
    2 m high grey color polyester powder coated steel palisade fence panels and posts.
    2.4 or 3m steel Palisade fencing, complete with fittings. galv. with green coating,cold rolled,triple pointed top,powder coated in green.
  • 2.4 mtr high x 2500 mtr, Hot Dip Galv. palisade security fencing
  • 2.1m high W style palisade fencing hot dip galv finish


ASTM A153 (American) Standard Palisade Fence
BS EN ISO 1461:2009 Standard Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Palisade
South African Standard SABS 763 Palisade Fencing
Coating Standard EN 10245-1/ IS 13871, or BS EN 13438:2013, color meeting RAL6005 Standard Steel Palisade Galv. & Green PPC Finish

Palisade Fencing 2400mm High with Gates
Post Square Tube Galvanized 76 x 76mm with Cap (3600mm High, Pre Galvanised)
Gate Sliding (2400mm High, 70mm, 6000mm Wide) - uprights of gates +600mm
Powder Coating (NamPower Green)

Bolts, Sheer Nuts and Washers stainless steel grade 304.
Palisade pales gap:50mm

Hot Dip Galvanized Palisade Fencing

W Section Triple Pointed Galvanized Steel Palisade Fence
Details and specs as follows. 
2100mm high
W Section Palisade Fencing with Component
Pales- STD 80mm W Section x 2.5mm
Posts STD 150x100x2.5mm
Rails STD 80mm x 50mm x 2.5mm Chanel
Reinforcing Rails 50x50x2.5mm Angle
Spacers (4 per rail)
M10 Cup head bolt with security shear nut (2 per rail)
M8 T Fencing bolt security shear nut (3 per pale) 

Palisade Fencing Gates 

12 x 6m Wide Double Leaf Gates

2 x 5m Wide Double Leaf Gates

1  x 4.5m Wide Double Leaf Gates

3  x 4m Wide Double Leaf Gates

Double Gate Assembly:
Double gate posts with 2 or 3 adjustable hinges
gates open both inwards and outwards to exceed 180 degree
Top rail punched for razor wire fasteners

Gate posts; B.S.1722 Part 1 Supplement No.1; rectangular steel hollow section; ends capped and sealed covered with 3 plate on both sides; slamming stops and hanging fillets, encased on solid filled blockwall
Electronic operated Entrance Gate with manual override on track or wheel painted one coat primer before delivery and 2 coat paint on site as specified by architect; Vehicular
Double leaf gate, overall size 6500mm x 2700mm high
Single overall size 4000mm x 2700mm high
Pedestrian gate size 950mm x 2100mm high
Mesh single gate 915mm x 2400mm high

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Palisade Fencing and Galvanized Razor Wire Coils

Palisade fence post and rails: 75 x 50mm RHS mild steel bottom rails;100 x 75mm RHS mild steel posts; 20mm diameter mild steel rods at 131mm centres complete with paint.
Access gates, poles, clips, and frix to hardstand.

Black Powder Coated Steel Palisade Fence - Facility / factory perimeter barrier
Posts 3m x 76 x76 x 2mm
W Pales 40 x40 x2mm x 2.4m
Finish: Powder coated black.

Galvanised Palisade Fencing with Weldmesh Infill Panelling for Perimeter Security

Structure: welded and bolted construction
100 × 75mm RHS posts at maximum 2700mm centres with 4nr 5 × 32mm horizontal rails and with heavy duty welded mesh panelling hot dip galvanized,  Including additional posts to angles and ends; posts bolted to concrete slab.
Double gate 2000 × 2200mm high, including hanging posts and high security iron mongery.

Steel palisade fencing is typically made of galvanized steel, or powder coated tubes with pointed sharp tops. Steel palisades offer excellent strength and durability due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, increasing its security level. Some fencing system may also include concertina or spikes to further deter any potential intruders. To increase weather-resistance, the steel material has a galvanized coating or a powder-coated finish.

6 most common types of Palisade Fences according to material and surface treatment:
1. Galvanized Steel Palisade Fences: Hot Dip galvanized steel palisade fencing is strong, durable, and low-maintenance, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial applications.
2. Black Coated Palisade Fence: PVC coated palisade fences are highly durable barriers supplied in a variety of colors ( black, dark green, other colors ) with decorative effect for home and business sites.
3. Palisade Fence Gates: Steel palisade single and double gates for security fencing uses.
4. Steel palisade panels with razor wire / barbed wire coils, for anti climbing tops.
5. Steel palisade with mesh panels: Mesh fencing is a versatile fencing offerering additional safety for the palisade fence panels, their combination system is a great option for containing pets and animals.
6. Electric Palisade Fences: Electric palisade fences use electric currents to shock and deter intruders. These fences are ideal for high-security applications in commercial and industrial spaces.

Installation notes

Palisade fencing is installed for perimeter and security of sites. All fixings are high security and anti-vandal.
Installing a steel palisade fence requires precise measurements and calculations to ensure that the fence posts are properly spaced, the height of the product is correct and the product is properly installed. Depending on the particular product, there can be several different installation forms. When installing a steel palisade fence, it's important to first measure the area of the space for enclosing. This will determine the number of posts and the length of the fence sections needed. Once the measurements are taken, it's important to calculate the spacing of the fence posts to ensure they are spaced evenly and securely in the ground. The height of the palisade fence is then determined based on the spacing of the fence posts and other parameters such as the size of the product, the purpose of the fence, and the type of fence material used.

Posts Setting
Posts are set into the ground and anchored in position by encasing a portion of the upright in concrete below ground level. Surface mounted posts can be manufactured with a suitable base plate for bolting down.

Connection of Posts
Posts are connected through with horizontal rails with link plates and a corner plates at corners.
Once the posts are set upright the horizontal rails can be connected between them.
Pales are offered up into position and bolted in place with high security anti tamper fixings.
Depending on the height of the fence there will be one or two support feet connected to the lower horizontal rail.
The lower rails provide support to keep the fence panels in firm structure.

They are fixed between a pale and the rail and are either set into the ground with the posts,or bolted to a suitable substrate.
Undulating ground is accommodated simply by installing the posts between the two points of incline/decline.
The horizontal rails are attached between the two points. The pales are then installed in the vertical position.

Palisade Fencing Heads Shapes
There are four main shapes available for palisade fencing heads: single pointed, round, notched, and triple point. The pointed heads provide the high level of security with anti climbing and anti cutting through property compared with round notched or round top. Round heads with decorative designs can harmonize with the surrounding landscape, while notched heads provide more space between the posts to reduce wind resistance. Triple Points are generally used when extra strength is required for the premises.

Most popular Profile styles - D Profile Fence and W Profile Fence
The most popular top profile styles on the market for palisade fencing include the traditional 'D'-section and the newer 'W'-section designs. Both vailable in a variety of colours including black, green, brown, and grey.

Difference between the 'D' Section and the 'W' Section
The main difference between the 'D' Section Palisade and the 'W' Section Palisade is the design of the panels. 'D' section features a curved top edge with a flat face, while the 'W' section panel has two horizontal face bars creating a 'V' shaped panel. W section panel is slightly more cost effective and also offers extra protection over 'D' Section. 



Palisade Fencing (1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m height available) - D and W Profile
Part Name Specification  
Post RSJ Section 100 x 55 x 5mm  
Rail Section
50 x 50 x 5mm  
Pale Section: /
D section 65 x 2.8mm  
W section 75 x 2.0mm  
Fish Plate 115 x 30 x 6mm or 140 x 39 x 8mm  
Saddle head M8 Bolts M8 x 40mm  
Cup square M12 Bolts M12 x 30mm  

Palisade Fencing