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Barbed Wire for Chain Link, Security Fence and Gates Tops, with Posts, Binding Wires

Barbed Wire is a traditional protection fencing material with steel wires twisted with a system of constant torsion, usually in multiple strands, with barb prongs interlaced in the wires.

The strands are usually coated with a protective material such as galvanized steel or plastic to prevent rusting and corrosion. Barbed wire is often used as livestock fencing around farms, ranches, and security fencing for airport, power plant and other properties.

Installation Ways

Two ways of using barbed wires:
1, Barbed wire fencing of the barbs and the posts / poles. The barb wires are secured to the posts. Posts are typically made of galvanized steel, or plastic coated steel and they are used to support the lines of barbed wire. Posts can be of various sizes and shapes, depending on the size and configuration of the fence.
2, Barbed wire with chain link fence, welded mesh fence, and various steel tubular fences. 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows or 6 rows of Barbed wire rolls or coils are fixed at top rails of the fence panels and gates via v arms support.

Strand Number:
Singel strand barbed wire;
Double strand barbed wire.

Gauge of Strand and Barb Sizes:
1.8X1.8mm / 2.0X2.0mm / 2.2X2.0mm / 2.2X2.2mm / 2.5X2.0mm / 2.5X2.2mm / 2.6X2.2mm / 2.7X2.2mm / 2.8X2.2mm /
Barb Spacing: 3''-6'.
Barbed Wire Roll Length:200m/250m/400m/500m/600m.

Zinc Coated Steel Barbed Wire Quality:

ASTM A 121-92 (Specification for Zinc Coated (Galvanized) Steel Barbed Wire, or equivalent

ASTM A 641-82 (Specification for Zinc Coated (Galvanized) Carbon Steel Wire, or equivalent

ASTM A 475 (Specification for Zinc Coating Weight for (Galvanized) Steel Barbed Wire, or equivalent


Barbed Wires

Supply of Galvanized Barbed wires, Pickets and Thumpers

Galvanized Barbed wires
Roll Length: 120 m
Wire diameter: 3 mm
Barb diameter: 2 mm
Barb length: 2 cm
Distance between barbs: 6 cm
Quantity of zinc: 40-60 G/m2
Stretching/resistance: 1350-1500 Mp

Pickets (Iron angle bars)
Size: 1.8 m x 5 cm x 5 cm
Material: Iron steel

Height: min 65 cm
Pole diameter: min 10 cm
Material: Iron steel powder coated


Zinc Coated Barbed Wire for Fencing

Product name: Zinc coated barbed steel wires for fencing

Per roll weight: 30kg

Detailed as belows:

Barbed wire entangle (30KG rolls)
South Korea Standard: KS D 7001 / ISO 7900:1988

Tensile Strength: 290~590

Zinc Coated: 23min

Pitch/ Spacing Tolerace: + / - 13mm 


Barb angle: 30 to 45
Barb wire: 2.6mm
Strand wire:2.0mm
Barb length: 20mm
Barb spacing: 100mm

Barbed wire entangle / coils size:
Coil Inner Diameter: 130mm
Coil height: 240mm


Barbed Wires + Binding Wires

Barbed and Binding Wire Specifications Standards
• American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A 121 Specifications for Zinc Coated (Galvanized) Steel Barbed Wire, or equivalent x American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A 641-82 – Specifications for Zinc Coated (Galvanized) Carbon Steel Wire, or equivalent
• American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A 475 – Zinc Coating Weight for Galvanized Wire, or equivalent

Barbed Wire (Roll of 200 m, linear)

Barbed Wire
• Manufactured/fabricated from zinc coated (galvanized) type C, class 3 steel.
• Double twisted line wires with four (4) barbs x Line wire diameter of 2.5mm+/- 0.127mm
• Barbed wire diameter of 2.0mm+/- 0.127mm x Barb spacing of 12.7cm +/-2.5cm
• Minimum tensile strength per wire of 380 Pa x Hot dip galvanized to a minimum of 244 grams/m2
•Shall be supplied in roll of 200 meter


Binding Wire (Roll of 45 KG)

Binding Wire
• Manufactured from zinc coated (galvanized) carbon steel wire
• Diameter of approximately 1.4mm
• Hot dip galvanized to a minimum of 180 grams/m2
• Shall be supplied in rolls of 25kg/coil

We can provide the following documents for customers reference.
1. Product Data Technical Sheet.
2. Product Brochure.

We can supply barbed wire products meeting Quality certification as listed below:
• ASTM A240/A240M. Standard Specification for Chromium and ChromiumNickel Stainless Steel Plate, sheet, and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications, 2020.
• ASTM A478. Standard Specification for Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Weaving and Knitting Wire), 1997, R 2019.
• ASTM A580/A580M. Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Wire, 2018
• ASTM A666. Standard Specification for Annealed or Cold-Worked Austenitic Stainless-Steel Sheet, Strip, Plate, and Flat Bar, 2015 x ASTM A764. Standard Specification for Metallic Coated Carbon Steel Wire, Coated at Size and Drawn to Size for Mechanical Springs, 2017
• American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A 641-82 – Specifications for Zinc Coated (Galvanized) Carbon Steel Wire, or equivalent
• American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A 475 – Zinc Coating Weight for galvanized Wire, or equivalent
• UFC- UFC 4-022-03, 1 October 2013, Security Fences and Gates: Barbed wire, 2013.

Supply of Barbed Wire Fence, Three Rows on TOP, Including Fence Post (corner/end post & intermediate) for Sharjah, UAE.

Fencing Material:
1). Supply of barbed wire fence, with three rows on top, including fence post (conner/end post & intermediate ) complete in all respect as per design.
2). Single Leaf Vehicular Access Gate 4.0M Wide Qty: 10 Nos
3). Single Leaf Personel Access Gate 1.0M Wide Qty: 10 Nos

Adoption of Suitable Packing methods
Mill Test Certificate / Quality Test Reports
Third party Inspection

Attached drawing is for chain link fence & gates details where barbed fence is needed.

Typical single leaf drive gate detail

Typical double leaf drive gate detail

Supply of ranch-barbed wire and T-post

Barb wires with posts 6.5 ft. tall.
12 gauge barbed wire and 14 gauge barbed wire for Texas, US Raches Perimeter fencing

Barbed wire Fence- Plastic coated for Sri Lanka

Supply of PVC coated barbed wire fence for transmission line towers.
Barb spacing – 75 mm and Barbed length 15mm

Barbed Wire & Chain Link Fence for India Airport Security Fence

Barbed wire 2.5mm, barbed length:20mm double strand 30,000 mtr
Chain link fence H:2.4m,50x50mm x 4.7mm 10,000 mtr

2.5mm double stranded barbed wire hot dipped galvanized for airport security fencing

Barbed Wire - 2.5mm
Main wire diameter: 2.5mm
Barb wire diameter: 2.0mm
Barb Length: 20mm, Double Strand
Barb spacing: 5 inches
Weight: 9.17 Kg/Meter(±5%)
Surface: Hot dip galvanized

Chain Link Fence Specifications
Chain Link Fence and barbed wire for Airports security. Chain link fence is made of high-quality wire, chain link fence mesh uniform, flat surface, durable, beautiful appearance and easy to install.
Chain link fence H: 2.4M, 50*50mm *4.7mm - 10000MTR
Chain Link Fence - PVC Coated
Height: 2.4 Meter
Hole Size: 50*50mm
Wire Diameter: 4.7mm (3.4 mm hot dip galvanized wire, after PVC coated 4.7mm)
Roll: H: 2.4*10 meter/roll
Weigh: 96.7Kg/Roll(±5%)

Supply chain link fence barbed wire project in Panama

Wires and fences both heavy zinc coated to avoid corrosion

Material list:

9 gauge chain link fabric hot dipped galvanized
8' high x 9ga. chain link fabric (2x9x96GAW - 2 oz.), KT, 50' roll - Qty 60 rolls
Barbwire V arm for three wire 2 1/2 x 1 5/8 - Qty 192(must comply ASTM F626)
Barbwire V arm for three wire 3 x 1 5/8 - Qty 15(must comply ASTM F626)
1 5/8 x 24' x .140 Sch40F Galv - Qty 120 (ASTM F1083 2.0 oz/ft2 inside and outside)
2 1/2 x 21' x .154 Sch40F Galv - Qty 90
(ASTM F1083 2.0 oz/ft2 inside and outside)
3 x 21' x .203 Sch40F Galv - Qty 8
(ASTM F1083 2.0 oz/ft2 inside and outside)
4 x 24' x .226 Sch40F Galv - Qty 3
(ASTM F1083 2.0 oz/ft2 inside and outside)
Barbed Wire 4 points double strand 12 1/2 Gauge, zinc coated, Class III ASTM-A121 - Qty 13
Tensions Bars 3/16" x 3/4" (8 ft.) ASTM F626) - Qty 45
Concertina ASTM A653 18 inch diameter need for 890 meters
Tension bands 2 1/2 Galv ASTM F626 zinc coated - Qty 600
Tension bands 3 Galv ASTM F626 zinc coated - Qty 100
Post cap 4" ASTM F626 zinc coated - Qty 6
Wire for chain link fence fabric 9 Gauge, 2 oz. per feet zinc coated, class III ASTM A392 - for 890 meters
All accessories must comply with ASTM F626 and zinc coated.