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Anti Climbing Razor Wire Fence and Accessories - Razor blade ribbons, mobile razor wire security fencing, razor wire fence top, razor wire mesh fencing

Razor wire with sharp blades is an effective anti climbing fencing solution to discourage intruders from entering an area, widely used for perimeter security for Power Plant, Mining, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Field.

The fencing typically consists of galvanized or stainless steel razor wire secured to posts, walls, or other structures.

Razor wire comes in a variety of colors and materials. The most common materials for razor wire are stainless steel and galvanized steel.

The blade length and width of razor wire can vary depending on the desired level of security and protection.

4 methods of using Razor wire fencing:
1, Attaching the razor wire ribbons to existing structures such as walls;
2, Installing razor wire with suppprt posts above steel fences or mesh panels;
3, Ground fencing with clips and supports;
4, With trailers or equipments in quick deployment system.

Anti climbing razor barbed wire for High Security Chain link fence topping

Chain link mesh + razor barbed wire, crossed type + barbed wire green coated

Razor cross type barbed wire
Blade: cbt-65
Wire diameter: 2.5 mm
Outside diameter: 60 cm

Chain Link Fence, Green coated galvanized
H 2.4m, 50x50mm x 4.7mm

Barbed wire Galvanized and Powder coated green RAL6005
Wire 2.5mm, Barbed length :20mm Double strand
4 points barbs at every 75mm


3SD Mobile Razor Wire Security Fencing Rapid Deployment System

Razor wire tape can be used in quick deployment barrier system with motorized 3SD trailer for ground securing in various premises.

Installation and Uses:
The Razor Wire Barbed Tape must be factory packaged to allow a rapid deployment from a motorized trailer.
All three coils of the Razor Wire Barbed Tape must be deployed simultaneously from the trailer, requiring only subsequent ground support and installation of clips to secure individual coils together.
The coils must be preloaded in magazines to allow rapid deployment and must be separated with high tensile anti-tangle strut wires.
The coils are supplied in 75 meter lengths minimum, compressed into compact modules.

Razor Wire Barbed Tape
Wire 2.5 mm High Tensile Galvanised Steel Blade, Strip 0.5 mm Galvanised Steel
In triple coils mounted in a form of pyramid.

Razor Wire and Posts and Mesh Panels ( with curves) for Fencing

Complete supply for razor wire with accessories and Fence Mesh Panels

Customized Specifications for Sudan

Razor wire
Diameter: 0.5
Clamps (accessories)

Steel post:
Post Height : 3.15 Meter; Square section : 60*60 mm; Thickness : 4 mm

Corner post:
Dimensions: Post Height :
3.15 Meter;Square section : 60*60 mm; Thickness : 4 mm

Fence Panel / mesh panel ( four curves)
Dimensions: Height: 2.00 Meter; Width: 2.50 Meter; Thickness : 6.00 mm; Hole opening : 50*100 mm

V arm
Dimensions: Length: 50 cm; Angle : 90

V panel (Two curves)
Height: 1.00 Meter; Width: 2.50 Meter; Thickness : 6.00 mm; Hole opening : 50*100 mm


Concertina Razor Wire and Poles - Spiral Type High Security Razor Wire for Perimeter and Security

Application: This type of high security razor barbed wire fence is used for National Defense Forces Fencing.


"Concertina" type razor barbed wire and poles

Name Concertina” type razor barbed wire
Application Standardised, spiral type high-security barbed wire provided for the physical perimeter and security of objects.
  • Barbed wire consists of wire enclosed with metal band – blades and tied with staples;
  •  The barbed wire is wrapped in rolls and is expandable from them.
  Razor Wire (Barbed wire with blade) type BTO22
  • Wire:
    • Diameter: 2,5 mm (±0,2 mm);
    • Zinc-plate metal, according to BS 1706 standards, minimum galvanizing 100g/m2  (±20 g);
    • Minimum elasticity of metal wire according to 1400 MPA.
  • Blades:
    • Thickness 0,5 mm (±0,2 mm);
    • Blade type BTO22;
    • Zinc coating according to ISO 550 standard, minimum galvanizing 200 gr / m2;
    • Cutting (tear off) force of blades from wire — not less than 450 N;
    • Symmetrical blades on both sides, with a total width 15 mm (±2 mm);
    • Blade length – 22 mm (±2 mm);
    • Distance between blade centers 35 mm (±2 mm).
  • Staple:
    • Number of staples – 3 (for the diameter of the outer roll 400-600 mm);
    • Number of staples – 4 ( for the diameter of the outer roll 700-800 mm);
    • Number of staples – 5 ( for the diameter of the outer roll 900-1000 mm);
    • Zinc-plate metal, according BS1706 standard, minimum galvanizing 200g/m2 (±20 g);
    • Thickness of metal 1,5 mm (±0,2 mm);
    • The clamping force of the wire shall not be less than 1500 N without causing a staple deformation.
  • Product:
    • No diameter changes are allowed when the wire is rolled-out (expanded) >5%;
    • Minimum length of roll in expanded form – 10 m;
    • Number of turns in a roll — not less than 54.
  • Dimensions of the expanded roll diameter :
    • 400 mm-600 mm;
    • 700 mm-800 mm;
    • 900 mm-1000 mm.
Quality requirements, warranty Each batch produced must be accompanied by a manufacturer's declaration of conformity.
Razor wire as a product must meet at least the following standards based on EU accredited and verified laboratory test results :
BS1706 –  zinc and cadmium application technology on metal;
BS.EN.10002 –  metal tensile flexibility test ;
BS 443:1982 –  zinc coating test on metal .
Warranty Not less than 24 (twenty four) months.
Colour Galvanized metal colour


Razor wire fixed in "Concertina" type:

Razor Blade Barbed Wire – blade type BTO22

Razor blade barbed wire with blade type BTO 22

Product Name Poles 0,8m/ 1,6m/ 2m
Application Steel poles for "CONCERTINA" type razor wire fence fixation
  Technical characteristics Material: not zinc-plate iron Tapered tip of peg:  symmetrically tapered at 45 degrees (± 2 degrees) from both sides. Length of pointed end 100 mm (±2 mm) Forma:  L-shaped with edge width 35x35 - 50x50 mm (±2 mm) Material thickness: 5 mm (±1 mm).
Number of pole sections
for fixing the fence from above on both sides of the L-shape::
  • For poles with length 0,8 m (±10mm) – not less than 2 sections;
  • For poles with length 1,6 m (± 20mm) – not less than 4 sections;
  • For poles with length 2 m (± 20mm) – not less than 6 sections.

Spacing from top of peg to first incision 150 mm (±10mm).
Spacing between sections 200 mm (±10 mm).
The shape of the section according to the imagee or equivalent .
Depth of section 17 mm (±2mm).
The widest part of the section 45 mm (±2mm).
Metal hardness:
 at least 90 HRB according to Rockwell's hardness test (US) or equivalent.
For poles with length 0.8 m – not more than 3.10 kg.;
For poles with length 1.6 m – not more than 6.10 kg.
For poles with length 2 m. – not more than 7.6 kg.

Processing:  hot zinc treated  (Zn) Corrosion protection:  zinc (Zn) coating at least 100 µm (micron)


Not less than 24 (twenty four) months.



High Security Razor Wire Fencing Projects

We have provided design and manufacture for many worldly projects. Following are some examples for customers reference. For specific fencing requirement, donot hesitate to contact us.

1.Supply Razor Wire Fence for Zambia Projects

Material: electro galvanized iron wire then PVC coated
Wire diameter of the wire mesh fence panel and the gate 3.15mm
Mesh size of the panel and gate 50mm X 30mm
Length and height of per panel per site length is given and height is 2.4m
Length and height of per gate same height as the fence
Specifiction of the post 75 X 75 X 6mm with a 45 degree bend at top above 2.4m and 45 length
40 No.s x 3m Gate length, 3 No.s x 1m gate length
Razor wire, tensioning wire, and binding wire
The total length of the wire mesh fence 1500 Mtrs

Wire Mesh Straining Wire connection to fence post.

Razor wire section: core wire ( high tensile steel wire zinc coating) + blade wire

Razor Wire Core: Steel wire with thickness of 2.5mm & extension resistance of 160kg per m2 with zinc coating of 200 grams per square meter.
Blade: Hot dip galvanized steel strip with 200g per square meter, stainless steel sheet AISI 304 or 430 standard.

Galvanized Steel Clamp with 8 mm Screw
6 units for each picket

High security razor wire mesh fencing panels with Y posts

2. Razor Wire Securing Fencing for Karachi Pakistan
Triple Razor Edge Wire as Model 3SD (Ripper short bladed wire / triple coil) Approx.
Fix the 3'-0" dia razor wire on the boundary wall of bank

3. Supply Razor Blade Barb Wire Fencing Plant & Heavy Duty Sturdy Body Barbed Wire Making Machine to barbed Normal, Single, Double Twisted Wire for Maharashtra, INDIA.
The Pitch should be about 57 mm and 72 mm
Production Capacity require is 600 kgs per shift of 8 hours.

4 Supply Security Fence Panel & Razor wire for Abuja, Nigeria.
Galvanised anti -climb security fence (1/2" x 3" or 1" x 3" & 2" x 2" sizes)
Total Quantity will be 1000m long & 2.0 to 2.5m height for Perimeter fence
Razor wire blade (security wire in rolls) diameter 90cm/900mm total qty will be 5 Q/Mrs. ( This will be fixed on top of the anti climb security Fence.) , we also supply for spare poles for joining fence on uneven ground surface.

5. Supply chain linked fence with razor wire on top, fence plus instalation along with one security gate, 4ft wide razor barbed wire fence, for Delaware.

6. Supply 8' x 2000' of welded razor wire mesh fencing, mesh profile is 3" hori, x 6" vertical, it can be shipped in 100' rolls, Project in Southport NC.