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Anti Climb Razor Spikes for Walls and Perimeter Fences

Galvanized steel razor spikes are popularly used along roof walls of castles, churches, steel fencing rails for anti climbing and birds proof.

Razor Spikes forboundary Wall Fence - Wall Spikes to prevent seagualls, pigeons
Material: High tensile steel wire
Finish: Hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection
Barb length: 180mm ( large razor spikes)
Barb length: 75mm ( small razor spikes)

Anti climb wall razor spike


Anti Climb Razor Spikes - used as Fence Spikes
Strips of fence spikes in black
Anti climb razor spike for Perimeter Security
Used with steel fencing along top rails to increase anti climbing property of the fencing system


Anti Climb Spikes for Castles
Blunt tip wall spikes to US
Hot dip galvanized steel.
Anti Climb Spikes fitted to the wall and roof perimeter

Barbed Spikes - Home Security Anti Climb Spikes
Large barbed nail galvanized
Blunt Tip Fence Spikes

Gate Spike System
Anti-climb razor spike system for gates
Material: Metal steel black coated


Anti Rust Wall Bird Spikes
Wall bird spikes on the island ocean area
Anti-rust heavy galvanised
To deter the sea gulls


Anti-climb spikes for Wooden Fence
"U" shaped anti climb spikes
"W" shaped anti climb spikes